Myanmar Agro Exchange Public Co., Ltd.

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Company NameMyanmar Agro Exchange Public Co., Ltd. (MAEX)
Code00008ISIN codeMM0000800001
Date formed14th September 2015ManagementU Win Aung
Date listedTo be announced Financial year1st April to 31st March
Phone 01-503928Email
Address262-264, Pyay Road, Dagon Centre 1, Block-A, 4th Floor, San Chaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar
BusinessOur company’s primary business is operating the wholesale market and its value chain for fruits, vegetables, flowers, and agricultural commodities. We have developed the Danyingone Wholesale Market in Insein, Yangon, with the aim of providing international-level infrastructure for conducting agricultural trade between the commercial capital of Myanmar and growers, producers, and farmers all across Myanmar. It has a diverse cluster of businesses involved in wholesale trading, fresh fruit and vegetable retailing, and business service providers. The objective of the investment will not only be financial gains but also building links between farmers, consumers, local traders, and exporters for price stability and supply and demand equilibrium. Line of business of MAEX Co; is to invest in value adding, integration and strengthening of supply chain in agriculture sector. Through our investments, we will improve the living standards of farmers and others dependent on agriculture and also create value-added agriculture products and industries.
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Disclosure News

Date Year Time Title Myanmar English
Date Year Time Title Myanmar English
December 29 2023 4:35 pm Interim Results – MAEX’s Management Discussion and Analysis
December 28 2023 1:45 pm Interim Consolidated Financial Statements for six months ended September 30, 2023
November 14 2023 3:40 pm Announcement of HEHO Project
October 3 2023 2:00 pm DEMAT Announcement for 3rd Right Issue Shares
October 2 2023 2:15 pm Notice of Dividend Payment Date to Shareholders
September 29 2023 4:15 pm Resolutions passed at 7th Annual General Meeting held on 29th September 2023
September 11 2023 4:15 pm Annual Report (FY2022-2023)
August 31 2023 2:30 pm Invitation of 7th Annual General Meeting
July 26 2023 2:00 pm Notice of Proposed Dividend for Financial Year 2022-2023, Record Date and Ex-Dividend Date
July 12 2023 1:30 pm Management Discussion and Analysis
June 30 2023 5:00 pm Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2023
June 30 2023 1:30 pm Supplemental Document for Listing --
June 12 2023 5:00 pm Company Profile
June 12 2023 5:00 pm Disclosure Document for Listing (DDL) --
June 22 2023 3:30 pm Notice to Shareholders and Investors