YSX Listing and IPO Services for Corporates

CB Securities provides services to corporates for listing on Yangon Stock Exchange and for Initial Public Offerings.

Under the existing law, the company must be a public company to list on Yangon Stock Exchange and to offer IPO to general public.

IPO can be done by listing on Yangon Stock Exchange or by offering over-the counter. Those wishing to list on YSX should have been profitable in 2 years prior to listing.

Minimum listing criteria of YSX can be read here.

Depending on the circumstances of each company, some or all of the process are generally involved en-route to IPO or Listing .

  1. Developing solid business plans and IPO narrative
  2. Restructuring of corporate and group structures
  3. Financial restructuring
  4. Restructuring of corporate governance
  5. Conversion from private company to public company
  6. Private placements
  7. Drafting prospectus
  8. Filing with SEC and Exchange
  9. Roadshows
  10. Book building
  11. Dematerialization of paper shares.

Please contact our underwriting team at contact@cbsecurities.com.mm for more details and for free Listing and IPO readiness analysis of your company.