• Demateralization is the substitution of physical share certificates by book-entry shares.

  • Immediately after the public company is listed on stock exchange, its physical share certificates will be invalid, and as a result, these physical share certificates cannot be traded on stock exchange. For the purpose of enabling physical share certificates to trade on stock exchange in electronic forms, Dematerilization is needed to be carried out.

  • When you apply for dematerilization, you have to submit your original physical share certificate to CB Securities.

  • You can come to CB Securities head office or nearest CB Bank branches for demateralization of your physical share certificates.

  • Customers who wish to dematerialize their physical share certificates are required to open securities trading account if they don’t have one already.

Non-Exchange Transaction Transfer

1. You can transfer your own shares from another securities company to CB Securities or vice versa.

2. Transferring of your shares from your own trading account to other person’s trading account is not permitted.

3. The applicant requires to fill all the information in Transfer Account Information Form.

4. For shares transfer from one Securities to another, YSX charges MMK 5000 per transaction.

5. Share transfer can be done only in CB Securities Head Office.