If your shares are eligible for receiving dividend, the dividend will be transferred directly into your bank account or securities trading account within one or two working days depending on your request.

No. CB Securities cannot pay interest for your cash balance in Securities account.

You can withdrawal cash:

  • Via telephone call by providing below information
    ( Name, NRC No., Trading Account No., Bank Account No. )
  • Through email by below process
    1. Download withdrawal slip from this link.
    2. Fill in the form and sign.
    3. Send it back to our email address by pdf or by image. Email – contact@cbsecurities.com.mm
    4. We will call the number you provided at the time of account opening to confirm.

CB Securities sends monthly account statement to customers at the end of every month.

Settlement takes place three days after the order executed date (T+3 days).
( Note: Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays are not taking into account.)

You can request for cancellation/modification of your orders prior to order execution or in case of partial execution. Such requests should be made:

  • Via phone call
  • Via CB Trader Mobile Application

However you cannot make cancellation after the order has been executed.

  • After your order is executed, you will receive “Trade Confirmation Letter”.
  • You will receive “Combined Contract Note” not later than 5PM in the same day of trade execution.
  • Every unexecuted order will continue through another matching time in the same day and will be expired after the market is closed. You can resend your orders after expired.

Trading Amount Fee
Less than 1,000,000 Kyats1.0% of Trading Amount
Between 1,000,001 - 10,000,000 Kyats0.7% of Trading Amount
Between 10,000,001 - 100,000,000 Kyats0.5% of Trading Amount
More than 100,000,000 Kyats0.4% of Trading Amount

Buy Orders have to pay additional 0.1% for Stamp Duty.

You can place trading orders:

  1. via CB Trader Mobile Application or web platform
  2. via phone call
  3. in person at CB Securities Head Office

  1. At CB Bank Branches
  2. Via CB Mobile Banking Application
  3. Via CB Pay Application

There is no charges or fees to open an account and no minimum deposit is required. There is no annual fee either.
However, in order to trade, you need to have sufficient cash in the account to cover the stock prices and the commission fees. Buy orders will also incur Government stamp duty of 0.1%.

You will receive the welcome email from us in which it states:

  • 9-Digit ID code, and
  • Password to log in

For Myanmar Citizen and Myanmar Companies,
For “Individual Trading Account”,

  1. NRC
  2. Copy of household registration
  3. CB Bank Account details
  4. Email address

For “Joint Trading Account”

  1. NRC for both applicants
  2. Copies of household registration for both applicants
  3. CB Bank Joint Account details
  4. Email address

For “Corporate Account” (Local)

  1. Copy of company’s registration
  2. Up to date company extract from DICA
  3. BOD resolution to open securities trading account and authorizing person(s) to operate the account
  4. NRC (authorized person)
  5. CB Bank Corporate account details
  6. Company’s email address

Please visit CB Securities head office or the nearest CB Bank branch.

If you want to trade securities, you need to open a securities trading account. A securities trading account is similar to a bank account through which investors hold the financial assets such as stock shares.

Market Data on 6th December 2021


Total Volume (shares) 1,107
Total Value (MMK) 6 mil
`Listed Company 7
Market Cap. (MMK) 687,345 mil

Market Overview on 6th December 2021

(*Beta) Click the stock name to check the company candlestick chart.
Stock NameBase Price10 AM Matching Price10:30 AM Matching Price11 AM Matching Price11:30 AM Matching Price12 PM Matching Price12:30 PM Matching Price1 PM Matching PriceChange From Change From Base PriceVolume Traded at Matching TimeTotal Volume TradedMarket Cap(Million)