How to List Your Company on YSX

If you want to list your company in YSX, firstly you need to know about YSX’s Listing Criteria.
By knowing that you can consider :
How much your company is ready to be listed in YSX?– Is there something you have to change in management structure or corporate governance?………….

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Requirements for YSX Listing & IPO

Prospectus shall consist of the following information based on a format prepared by SECM:

  • Procedures of the public offering
  • Information of the public offering
  • Information of the securities to be offered……………….

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YSX Listing and IPO Services for Company

  • Only public companies are eligible to sell the shares to public through Initial Public Offering (IPO).
  • By making an IPO, the public companies can offer the shares to more than 50 investors, but it requires the approval from SECM.

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