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Frequently Asked Questions

The information provided herein will change without prior notice.

1When can I cancel the order?

The client(s) can cancel the order anytime before order execution. The client(s) can't cancel the order after order execution.

2What are the required documents for opening an account?

All you need to open a trading account is your original National Registration Card (NRC), one valid bank account (preferably CB Bank) and related application. For corporate customers, please bring board resolution and certificate of incorporation together. Please visit “Getting Started” section for detailed information.

3Is there any minimum deposit required for account opening?

There is no minimum deposited required.

4When can I receive the payment after I sell stocks or after receiving dividend?

After the predefined settlement duration as defined by YSX, we will credit your trading account.

5How do I make deposit to settle my trade?

You will need to make deposit into your trading account via our collection trust account at CB Bank. You can do so via CB Bank branches and CB Bank mobile/internet banking channels. The equivalent amount will be credited to your trading account.

6Which kind of securities can I trade online with CB Securities?

The clients(s) can trade any type of securities that are listed on YSX through our online trading facilities.

7What types of orders can I place?

You can place two types of orders. (1) Limit buy/sell order and (2) Market buy/sell order.

8How can I make sure that my order reaches CB Securities over the Internet and is being placed?

We will send you an order confirmation (email or SMS) upon receiving order placement.

9How do I cancel/modify my order?

You can request for cancellation/modification of your orders prior to order execution or in case of partial execution. Such requests should be made in writing or through the recorded telephone system.


10What is the settlement period?

Normal settlement period is Trading day + 3 market days.

11What are the trading hours?

The normal trading hour is between 9:30 AM  to 1 PM or 9:30 AM  to 2 PM.

12How can I place the order?

The client(s) can place the order in writing form, via phone, e-mail or through online trading facilities or through our trading representatives.

13How can I close my trading account with CB Securities?

The client(s) need to submit the request for closing account in written form.

14How do I update my address?

The client(s) need to inform CB Securities for any information changed in written form.

15What are the fees and charges?

Other than the prevailing government taxes, the following brokerage charges are applicable. This is in line with the instruction of Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar (SECM)

Rates and Fees

No Trading Amount Commission
1 Below 500,000 MMK 1% of trading amount
2 From 500,001 MMK to 1,000,000 MMK 1% of trading amount
3 From 1,000,001 MM to 10,000,000 MMK 0.7% of trading amount
4 From 10,000,001 to 100,000,000 MMK 0.5% of trading amount
5 Above 100,000,001 MMK 0.4% of trading amount